The Soft Answer

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Sometimes you need a little space

Prevention Magazine has regular articles about psycho-emotional health, and heading into the winter holidays they've offered one on What to Do When It's Time to Break Up with a Family Member.

This is no easy territory. But sometimes the kindest and healthiest thing for everyone involved when a relationship has become dysfunctional, is to let go. This piece explains how stressful relationships can be harmful to your physical health, but also that, "it takes two to tango." We are charged with taking responsibility for our own actions.

I'm an optimist, so even when I have had to "break up" with a family member, I've tried to hold things open and lightly enough that a turn around could be possible. But I've also been fortunate. I love my family and I have never had to make the really hard choices many live with every day.

Every situation is different. This article provides some helpful information on how and when to draw the line.